Things To Know About Long Term Travel Before Leaving

Things To Know About Long-Term Travel Before Leaving

Traveling is always an experience, whether good or bad and the rush of emotions as the day approaches, coupled with all the preparations, makes it easy to lose track of certain information you’re supposed to know. Sure, this might not be your first rendezvous, and you’re more than capable of figuring everything out as you go, but what if, this time, you become fully equipped before you hop on that plane? Sounds good? Great. So, before you swap your desk chair for a deck chair or your car for a camel, let’s mull over a few essentials to ensure your travel story is a more enchanting escapade than a cautionary tale.

  • Budget Like a Boss

Before you set sail, understand the art of budgeting. Long-term travel isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. So, your budget should reflect the length of stay. Hence, budget for the expected, then add a little more for the unexpected, like that spontaneous bungee jump in New Zealand or the impromptu pasta-making class in Italy. Remember, those $5 coffees add up, so track your expenses like a hawk!

  • Pack Smarter, Not Harder

If you think you’ll need a mountain of suitcases, think again. Packing for long-term travel is about versatility and minimalism. Choose clothes that mix and match and are suitable for various climates. A rule of thumb: if you can’t carry it comfortably for ten minutes, it’s too much. However, at the same time, remember to carry sentimental pieces that you hold close to your heart. Like a picture frame or your favorite blanket your grandma knitted. This will give you comfort when you’re missing home. 

  • Embrace the Culture

The fastest way to transition from a local to a tourist and gain the love of the people in your destination country is to embrace the culture. By doing this, they’ll see you as one of them. So, learn the language, or at least some handy phrases, and dive into local customs and cuisines. Your efforts to respect and understand local cultures will enrich your travel experience and earn you hospitality wherever you go.

  • Stay Flexible

The beauty of long-term travel lies in its unpredictability. Your plans will change—and that’s not just okay, it’s fantastic! A flexible itinerary allows you to discover hidden gems you might otherwise miss. So when a local invites you to a wedding or a new friend suggests a lesser-known trail, go for it. Fully immerse yourself in the experiences, and you’ll be wiser because of them. 

  • Respect The Laws

Becoming an international fugitive is one of the worst things that can happen to any traveler. So, before you book that flight, research the legislation of your destination country. Find out what items you can pack and those you cannot, as some countries have bans on certain items like e-cigarettes, vapes and vape juice, and you might be arrested on arrival if caught with them. So, arming yourself with all the facts will prevent you from dealing with the inconvenience of breaking laws unknowingly. 

  • Take Care of Yourself

On the road, self-care is key. Long-term travel can be as taxing as it is thrilling. Regular check-ins with yourself are vital to ensure you’re not just collecting stamps in your passport but also staying healthy—both physically and mentally. Speaking of healthcare, you should know that the healthcare laws and requirements in your destination country might be different for different classes of foreigners. So, you’re better off researching these stipulations before you hop on that plane. 

  • Stay Connected

Staying connected today is easier than ever. Whether it’s for safety, navigation, or bragging rights on social media, ensure you have the means to stay in touch. Local SIM cards are a lifeline, providing not just connectivity but also often cheaper rates than your home provider. They’re also compatible with most devices. So, once you arrive at your destination, purchase a local SIM card and keep everyone who loves you in the loop. 

  • Insurance Isn’t Optional

When embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, the last thing you want is to be sideswiped by the unexpected. Travel insurance can be a lifesaver, covering everything from lost luggage to medical emergencies. Consider it a non-negotiable part of your travel prep.


The world is wide and full of wonders waiting to be discovered. Long-term travel is not just about seeing new places but about transforming how you see the world. It’s about gaining life-changing memories and living through the eyes of the different people you meet. Sounds enchanting, right? Before you can have this, you must prepare yourself accordingly. Luckily, we’ve divulged how. So tie up your shoelaces, set your out-of-office email, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Happy travels!

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