The 7 Most Important Professional Football Positions

In football, each position on the field plays an important role in the success of a team. The systematic combination of professional football positions is the foundation for creating balance and effectiveness in their tactics. So what are these positions like? What is the appropriate select method for each position? All will be Nhà cái Hi88 clarified in the article below.

Overview of football positions

Football is a sport that emphasizes teamwork, where two teams consisting of an equal number of players compete against each other with the highest mission being victory. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent within the allotted time. To score, a player must put the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Basically, each team will have 11 players competing on the field. The professional football position will be equivalent to the role that each player must undertake to reach the highest goal, which is victory. Each team will need to have a goalkeeper, this is the only person authorized to use their hands in the penalty area.

The remaining 10 players have the right to control the ball with their upper body parts, except using their hands. They can pass, shoot or dribble to bring the ball closer to the opponent’s goal. When an opposing player takes control, a player from the other team can legally try to regain it by closing on the opposing player, stealing the ball, tackling, etc.

In football there are many different types of tactics. Depending on the playing style of each team, the football positions on the field will also have specific names.

Football positions in professional competition

Have you ever wondered about football positions in professional competition? Right here will be the most detailed information!


Goalkeeper is a particularly important football position, playing a decisive role in the success or failure of a team. The goalkeeper is the only person allowed to use his hands inside the home team’s penalty area to block the opponent’s shots.

The main role of the goalkeeper is to protect the home team’s goal and prevent the opponent from scoring. Goalkeepers need to have quick reflexes, good judgment and skillful ball-catching techniques to be able to successfully block the opponent’s shots. In addition, the goalkeeper is also responsible for launching attacks downfield, opening up opportunities for teammates to score.
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central defender

A football position that plays a key role in the defense system is the center back. Central defenders usually play in the center of the defense, right in front of the goalkeeper. Normally a team will need 2 center backs to ensure maximum safety for the goal. For a 3-defender tactical diagram, there will only be 1 central defender.

The central defender’s main role is to prevent the opponent’s attacks. These are people who have the ability to read situations well, the ability to read situations and the ability to tackle, head, and tackle well to prevent the opponent’s attacking players from scoring.


If the centre-back plays right in front of the goalkeeper, the full-back position will play on both sides of the defensive system. Therefore, their main task will still be to prevent attacks from both flanks.

Fullbacks need to have good speed and plenty of physical strength to follow and prevent attacking players on the opposite side. In addition, they also have the task of participating in attacks. The full-back can completely break through and cross the ball into the penalty area to create opportunities for his teammates to score.

Defensive midfielder

In professional football, defensive midfielders are those who play behind the central midfielder. The main role of the CDM position is to recover the ball and prevent the opponent from attacking in the middle area to reduce pressure on the defense.

Therefore, defensive midfielders must be people with good judgment, stable physical strength and good technical skills. They also have another task which is to support ball retention, deploy play from the midfield area to serve as a premise for counter-attacks.

Central midfielder

If we have to mention one of the most difficult football positions to play, central midfielder can hardly be out of the nomination list. In professional football, the central midfielder position is a position played in the middle of the field, responsible for connecting the defense and attack.

The main role of the central midfielder is to coordinate the pace of the match and launch attacks. They need to be able to pass the ball well, possess a sharp tactical vision and be able to coordinate their teammates smoothly. This position will always need to balance attack and defense.


In professional football, the winger is a position that plays on both sides of the border, responsible for participating in attack and supporting defense when needed. LM and RM often have speed, good dribbling ability, and can cross the ball or shoot from a distance.

In addition, wingers are also needed to support defense in necessary situations. Players playing in this position can coordinate with the full-back in preventing the opponent’s attacks.


One of the football positions that has the most impact on the outcome of the match is the striker. In professional football, they play at the top of the attack with the top priority task being to score goals for the team.

Strikers need to be able to shoot well, manage in a narrow range and be able to score in many ways in many different situations. Not stopping there, the striker can also be a supporter for his teammates to attack. Strikers can create opportunities for teammates to score by running, dribbling the ball or making a wall.

What odds are suitable for professional football positions?

Each professional football position has its own characteristics and roles, so it will be suitable for different odds. Below are some select suggestions beat The game portal is suitable for those positions.

  • Goalkeeper: Odds suitable for goalkeepers are bets related to goals, such as over/under, Asian. Because the goalkeeper is the one who can prevent the opponent’s shots. Therefore, bets related to goals are suitable for this position.
  • Defender: Odds suitable for defenders related to penalty cards, such as yellow cards, red cards, corner kicks, penalties. The reason is because this position often has to compete for the ball with the opponent.
  • Midfielder: Odds suitable for midfielders will be linked to attacks, such as corners, goals, and penalty cards. They have to contribute to many tasks so you can choose the above bets.
  • Striker: Matches suitable for strikers are bets related to goals, such as over-under, handicap. Because this position is responsible for bringing goals.

Above are all the detailed information related to professional football positions and appropriate select methods. Hopefully this article from Hi88 will bring a lot of useful information for bettors!

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