Instructions on How to Raise Fighting Chickens for Healthy Fighting Chickens Bao Thang

Instructions on How to Raise Fighting Chickens for Healthy Fighting Chickens Bao Thang

How to raise fighting cocks is currently being sought by many cockfighters because raising a good fighting cock is not simple. Raising fighting chickens is actually quite complicated, you need to pay attention to food, training, and care. So how to create a mighty chicken? Together Game Bài Đổi Thưởng Let’s find out

How to raise fighting chickens through nutrition

To raise fighting chickens, you need to pay attention to the diet. This is a very important factor to ensure that the cocks have good health and endurance when competing. The cockmaster must not let them lack meat as this will reduce their strength in cockfights. To ensure they have good health and strong fighting ability, diet is extremely important.
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You should not let fighting chickens lack meat in their diet because this can cause them to lose strength in fights. Diet is an important step in raising healthy fighting chickens. Depending on the age and physical condition of the chicken, divide the portion appropriately, specifically as follows:

Main food when raising fighting chickens

InHow to raise fighting chickens Their main food will usually be rice. Before feeding the chickens, soak the rice to remove the flat seeds. Chickens can soak rice until it sprouts to feed the chickens, which will have more nutrients. In addition to rice, you should feed chickens with corn, which is also a food source rich in starch.

Absolutely do not feed chickens a lot of miscellaneous foods to avoid them having digestive disorders. Even causing more risks of dangerous intestinal diseases. Regarding rations, you should not feed your chickens too much each day to avoid being too full and lacking other nutrients.

Supplement foods containing protein

In addition to the main food which is rice, you need to supplement your chickens with foods rich in protein. Chickens can use foods such as pork, pork, pork cartilage, lizards, crabs, etc. Add these foods at noon to chickens to ensure the best digestion. .

In raising fighting chickens, food rich in fiber is necessary

One of the indispensable nutrients in raising fighting chickens is fiber. The cockerel needs to feed the chickens a lot of green vegetables to avoid stomach upset and to strengthen the digestive system. You should choose vegetables such as spinach, water hyacinth, pumpkin, pennywort, etc. However, only feed the chickens a moderate amount and clean up immediately after they finish eating.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

Minerals and vitamins are indispensable in the process of raising fighting chickens. When fully supplemented with fighting cocks, they will increase their resistance, endurance, and endurance when participating in matches. Before fighting cocks, let them use additional chicken medicines to improve their physical strength.

Fully vaccinated

Fighting chicken farmers need to ensure that their chickens are fully vaccinated. This way, the chickens will be prevented from many dangerous diseases and ensure their health. Keep track of their regular vaccination schedule and follow your veterinarian’s instructions.

How to train fighting chickens

When raising fighting chickens, you must not be negligent in the training process. Because if cocks are carefully trained, they can maintain high performance in competition. Please pay attention to applying training to chickens through the following methods:

Exercise daily

Every day, fighting cock breeders should let them run to increase their endurance. During a day in the morning, depending on spring, summer, autumn, and winter, you can choose a reasonable time frame. However, absolutely do not let your chickens exercise when it is too sunny or too cold. This will affect the health of the chickens and even cause them to get sick.

How to raise fighting chickens to practice breathing

When raising fighting chickens, you need to pay attention to alternating breathing sessions for them. This both increases the physical strength of the cocks and ensures they do not suffer too serious injuries. During these steam sessions, you should use about 3-5 matches which is reasonable. In a month, the cocker can spar the chickens 2-3 times to help the fighting chickens increase their fighting ability.
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For the steaming process, pay attention to how to choose the cock’s condition and wrap the spurs carefully. This way, they will be bolder and get used to enduring pain and increase their flexibility in matches. However, cockmasters should not let them exercise at too high an intensity to avoid affecting their health.

Care regimen in raising fighting chickens for beginners

According to experts of page Game Bài Đổi Thưởng Realizing that How to raise fighting chickens for beginners you need to pay careful attention to the care regimen. A fighting cock needs to be carefully raised according to the following factors:

Squeezing the fighting cock

A good experience in raising fighting chickens is to use folk remedies to braise them. Regular braising will help the chicken have red, thicker skin and ensure it doesn’t get moldy. If you let the fighting cocks get moldy skin, it will greatly affect their ability to compete. Some types of mixtures that cockers should use to braise chickens include: turmeric, cinnamon and wine. People who raise fighting chickens should apply braising in the morning to achieve the best results.

Sun drying for chickens

In raising fighting chickens and even when they are adults, sun exposure is very necessary. When chickens are exposed to the sun, they will synthesize vitamin D under sunlight most effectively. From there, it promotes the entire process of calcium metabolism in chicken bones very well. But chicken farmers need to choose a suitable sun drying frame to prevent them from overheating. Besides, you cannot leave the chickens in the dew because they will easily get asthma.


Trim the feathers of fighting cocks regularly

To raise fighting chickens, you need to trim the armpit and side feathers so they can move easily and increase flexibility when competing. Proceed to trim the young armpit feathers leading to the fishing buoy of the fighting cock. Next, cut the cilia on the back but do not trim too deeply to avoid losing aesthetics. Chicken masters should pay attention to cutting feathers on the belly and under the breast of the cock.

This is the position you need to pay attention to because this part is very important. The breeder needs to cut the hair from the thighs down to the float, leaving the hair on the chest extending to the junction of the thighs. But leave 5-6 feathers on the tail for the cock. The tail will help the fighting cock maintain balance during kicks when participating in a match.

Clean and airy barns

When raising fighting chickens, the barn needs to be kept cool and clean. Make sure the light and temperature do not change suddenly. This helps keep the chickens cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If it’s the rainy or winter seasons, you need to install a heating bulb to prevent the chickens from getting cold.

Raising fighting cocks is actually quite simple, but you need to pay attention to every detail about nutrition, training and careful care. Hopefully the above sharing has helped cockers have the most effective method of caring for fighting cocks.

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