How to read corner kick odds simple and easy to understand free at Jun88

How to read corner kick odds, simple and easy to understand, free at Jun88

Corner kicks are not uncommon situations in soccer select. If you understand how to read corner kicks, new investors will definitely bring in many huge profits. To access those skills for free and most effectively, please refer to Jun88 sharing article below.How to read corner kicks as well as detailed instructions on techniques for using tools to win against the house.

Explain what is the corner kick bet?

Corner bets are also known as corner bets or Corners bets. This is a type of online select, a type of bet where bettors do not need to care about the winning or losing team or the number of goals scored by the teams in that match.

Because what you need to care about is the number of corners that the two teams have to take in the match. Therefore, rookies can simply understand that this is a type of bet where the main object to bet on is the number of corner kicks the two teams receive during the official match time.

For many reputable game portals like Jun88 latest 10, this is not the main type of select that is organized but this type of bet is increasingly receiving the attention of many players. And if you know how to read this corner kick bet and make the correct prediction, you will win a prize from the house.

Ways to read corner kicks in soccer select

Corner kick bets are considered a fairly diverse type of bet in form and select style. Specifically, here are some common ways to read corner kick bets:

The bet does not include corner kicks

The form of select for this type of bet is that there will not be any corner kicks given to either team. That is, during the official match time, both teams did not have a corner kick. game portals like Jun88 latest 10 often set the odds for this bet quite high, specifically up to 1/70, 1/80 or 1/90.

However, in reality, this corner bet is often rare, especially in matches where both teams have technical, strong attacking styles of play.

Learn how to read handicaps Next Corner (next). Jun88 6

This is a form of running bet, held throughout the match. Specifically, the house will open for you to bet on which team will receive the next corner.

This is the easiest type of bet to predict because you can analyze and evaluate based on the situation on the field of the two teams. Therefore, this way of reading corner kicks has a correct prediction rate of up to 70 – 80%.

How to read the first corner bet (First corner)

When participating in this bet, you will make predictions to bet on which team will receive the first corner kick in the match.

How to read Last Corner odds with the latest Jun88 10

When participating in this bet, you will make predictions to bet on which team will receive the last corner kick in the official 90 minutes of the match.

Jun88 6 instructions for over/under corner kicks for the whole match

The full match corner kick handicap is a type of bet that determines the upper team and the lower team. The upper team will handicap the lower team with a certain handicap ratio – This ratio will be calculated by the game portal based on the correlation between the playing style of the two teams. You can place this bet right in the first half or you can also bet in the second half of the match.

Full-match corner kick handicap with Jun88 latest 10

O/U total corners bet is a type of corner kick bet that is calculated throughout the 90 minutes of official play. Accordingly, the game portal will give a certain odds and your task is to make predictions based on how to read the corner odds to bet on the total number of corners in the entire match being greater (Over / O) or less (Under/U) than the odds given by the house.

1×2 corner kick bet with reputable game portal Jun88 4

How to read a 1×2 corner kick bet is very easy to understand. If you have ever played European football select online, this type of bet also has similarities. Specifically, with the 1×2 corner bet, bettors will have 3 options – Win, Draw or Lose to bet.

Specifically, you will make your prediction about which team has more corners in the entire match.
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Odd-even corner kick odds

Odd-even is a bet with a very simple way to play. This is the type of bet that many new investors choose because it has a simple way to read corner kicks, making it easy to know whether you win or lose. Specifically, when participating in corner kick select, you only need to guess whether the number of corner kicks taken by the team in the match is even or odd and place your bet.

How to read Corner Kick odds on the odds table for newbies

Depending on each different match, the game portal Jun88 4 offers different corner kick odds that will have its own way of calculating victory.

Here are some examples of how to read corner kicks that Jun88 latest 10 introduces to you:

  • For Over/Under bets: If the number of corners is higher than the number given by the house, you will win and get a bonus. For example, if the over/under table has 8.5 corner kicks and the match has 9 corner kicks, you will win if you bet over.
  • For Handicap bets: The house will choose a handicap team and if you choose the correct team with more corner kicks, you will win. For example, in the match between Qatar vs Ecuador, the home team has a handicap of 0.5 and the away team of Ecuador has a handicap of -0.5. If you choose Qatar handicap and this team has more than 1 corner kick, you win.
  • For odd even odds: To determine winning or losing, you need to pay attention to the Odds index given by the house. For example, the odds given by the game portal are 1.79 even and 1.79 odd, meaning that when you win you will receive an amount equal to your capital multiplied by the coefficient 1.79.

How to calculate winnings with the latest Jun88 10 when reading corner kicks

To be able to calculate the prize amount yourself in corner bets, you need to understand how to calculate money for 3 basic types of corner bets: European odds, Asian odds and Over/Under odds.

The general formula that the latest Jun88 10 suggests for you to calculate the bonus when learning about corner kicks is calculated according to the European rate:

  • Corner odds winnings = Bet x Corner odds.
  • Corner bet loss = Total initial bet amount.

Particularly in case you place a handicap on corner kicks and an over/under bet on corner kicks, there will be special cases and the bonus calculation is as follows:

  • There is a chance of a draw: You will receive back the entire bet amount (no win, no loss).
  • Win half/lose half in cases where the handicap is 0.25, 0.75, the win or loss result will be divided into two cases:
  • If the result differs by 0.5 or more: Win enough, lose enough according to the bonus calculation formula above. .
  • If the result is 0.25 different: Win half, lose half with the calculation of winning bonus = ½ (Bet *odds Corner); If you lose, you will lose the amount = ½ of the bet.

Specific example on how to read corner kick bets

So that you can most accurately understand how to read corner kicks, follow the select results specified in the C1 Cup final between Real vs Juventus:

Review Asian corner kicks with the latest Jun88 10

Real Madrid Club handicaps Juventus Club by 1 goal, over wins 0.83, under wins 1.01, deposit is 100,000 VND.

Considering the results, there are 3 cases where the corner kick odds can be read as follows:

  • If during the entire match, Real Madrid takes 2 or more corners more than Juventus, then the upper bet wins. Winning amount: 100 + 100 x 0.83 = 183K, lower bet loses.
  • If during the entire match, the Real team has only 1 corner kick more than Juventus, then it will be a draw, neither win nor lose.
  • If during the entire match, the Real team takes equal or fewer corners than the Juventus team, the upper bet loses, the lower bet wins with the bonus amount: 100 + 100 x 1.01 = 201K.

Consider corner kick over/under odds with the latest Jun88 10

For over/under corner kicks, Real Madrid Club accepts Juventus Club 10 goals, over wins 0.70, under wins 1.13, deposit 100,000 VND.

  • If the match ends and there are a total of 11 or more corner kicks in the entire match, the over wins with a prize amount of 100 + 100 x 0.7 = 170K, the under loses.
  • If the match ends and there were a total of 10 corners in the entire match, you tie the money, no win, no loss.
  • If the match ends and in the entire match there were less than 10 corner kicks (counting from 9 or less), the under wins with the bonus amount 100 + 100 x 1.13 = 213K, over or loses.

Above is all the information related to how to read corner kicks and how to calculate the bonus amount you will receive. Hopefully the above shares of Jun88 will be useful to you, helping you have the most accurate investments.

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