Exclusive List Of Top 10 Online Live Games In Singapore

Good luck and a better opportunity to knock on your door once. So, it is important to grab it with welcoming hands. Explore the gaming experience to channel your grey matter by inducing an adrenaline rush with huge perks made on minimal investment. Nothing can be more pleasure to your heart and mind when you hit hard on your target by experiencing something adventurous.

Online Baccarat in Singapore displays tremendous expansion amongst the prominent offering the thrill of card games. Continue reading if you want to know how to play Baccarat online or know amazing facts about online Baccarat games offering the best option to play Baccarat online.  

We have taken the challenging assessment and conducted exhaustive research to select the top 10 online live Baccarat games in Singapore for players desiring thrill and adventure sitting at home.

Listing Top 10 Online Live Games In Singapore

After much research and testing, we have introduced the list of the best Singapore online casino offering live Baccarat gaming experiences. If you are uncertain which site offers you the best live dealer games, then the information listed below can surely assist you. 

  1. Maxim88: Explore the official Asian partner of Evolution Gaming
  2. BK8: Experience the thrill of live Baccarat  with top-notch gaming providers
  3. me88: Enjoy unlimited bonuses accessible for live Baccarat  gamers
  4. 96M: Delve the variants of live Baccarat  in a new live game
  5. Cmd368: Exclusive rewarding VIP programs for genuine players
  6. Md88: Top live Baccarat  in Singapore for banking
  7. Aw8: Exclusive 12 software provider provided a variation of live Baccarat  games
  8. 12Play: Live games offering an exclusive bonus
  9. B9: Guaranteed Highest Daily Cash Rebate for live Baccarat
  10. Eubet: Fast deposits and Withdrawals for live Baccarat

Is Live Dealer Baccarat Different From Regular Online Versions?

Both versions of Baccarat render basic gameplay, but live dealer Baccarat provides a more immersive and interactive experience that resembles a brick-and-mortar game.

  • Real-time interaction: Live dealer Baccarat interacts with real human dealers via live video streaming, which improves the level of authenticity and immersion that is found to be lacking in traditional online versions.
  • Real Cards vs RNGs: Live dealer Baccarat makes use of real cards shuffled by human dealers, whereas in the case of the regular version, card dealing is stimulated by RNGs. But if the player desires transparency and trustworthiness in the game, it’s preferred to see the physical cards dealt with.
  • Social element: The availability of a chat feature in the live dealer Baccarat enhances the ability to communicate between player and dealer. Thus, this social aspect helps enhance the overall gaming experience, miming the ambiance of land-based games.
  • Pacing: Live dealer Baccarat pace is quite slow compared to regular online versions. Dealers need to deal with the card physically and even manage to play the game, whereas the online version aids in dealing with hands instantaneously.
  • Minimum Gaming: A higher minimum play is associated with live dealer Baccarat because a huge amount is involved with live streaming and employing several human dealers.

How Do You Play Live Dealer Baccarat?

  • Search for a trustworthy online games: First, select an online game offering live dealer Baccarat. Players must evaluate the game’s authenticity and licensing to continue the payment method securely.
  • Join live table: After logging in, players need to navigate to the live section and opt to select a table. Players get the option to select different Baccarat variants.
  • Place Game: Players need to fix a time for placing the play before the dealer starts to deal with the cards. Players can play for player, banker, or tie, and each difference has varying payout odds.
  • Cards dealt: Live dealer deals two cards to each player and banker to earn hand-sharing proximity to 9. Face cards and 10s count equal 0, whereas other cards retain face value. If the total exceeds 9, the 2nd digit of the total value is used.
  • Winner determined: After dealing with the cards, the highest winning hand is determined. If your play hits right on the winning hand, players get paid as the odd play.
  • Need additional cards: When 3rd card is drawn according to specific rules for players and bankers. Automatic dealers handle the cards based on game rules.
  • Payout and withdrawal of winning amount: Once the player wins the play, the winning amount will be credited to the player’s account. After this, they can withdraw the selected winning amount or continue to play with it.
  • Repeat: Continue playing live dealer Baccarat as long as you desire, but remember to manage your play responsibly to enjoy the game ahead.

5 Tips for Live  Games

  • Understand rules: Before exploring live Baccarat games, it is important to understand the rules associated with the playing variant. Know about the third card draw rule and understand factors influencing odds for different types of plays to remain updated and make firm decisions while executing the gameplay.
  • Try to keep a managed bankroll: Try to fix a gameplay budget and stick to it. Never attempt to chase losses or make a tremendous effort to play more for which you cannot withstand the loss. Effective bankroll management allows players to enjoy the game without any risk, which can elevate financial losses.
  • Concentrate on banker: In Baccarat, there are three playing options, among which is the banker play, which possesses the lowest house edge. According to statistics, banker plays opt to have slightly higher winning probability than player plays. Always remember games charge commission over winning banker plays for about 5%.
  • Avoid ties: Tie plays are tempting due to higher payout odds. However, it does not seem the right choice as it has a higher house edge than player and banker plays. The occurrence of tie plays is quite low, so it’s advised not to play frequently for ties according to a strategic standpoint.
  • Enjoy the benefit of side playing but with caution: Live dealer games render the option of side play, enhancing the player’s excitement level and potential payouts. Side plays are companies with a higher house edge and lower probability of winning. Sometimes, it can be the cause of fun, but on the other hand, it can deplete your bankroll. So, experts always advise to be cautious when placing side plays.


Maxim88 is a reputed and trustworthy online games in Singapore that is admired for delivering unmatched live dealer gaming options. Evolution gaming strikes the thrill and adrenaline rush threshold with graphics and textures that make this game the best choice for seasoned players and newbies. Exciting tournaments and heart-throbbing promotions become a boon to players to retrieve big from minimal investment. 

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