How to predict lottery results in the shape of a diamond effectively with hundreds of matches and hundreds of wins

How To Predict Lottery Results In The Shape Of A Diamond Effectively, With Hundreds Of Matches

If you are new and do not have much experience and are looking for an effective prediction method, please read the following article. We will provide detailed information on how Lottery prediction in the shape of a diamond so you can apply it easily.

Information about the diamond-shaped lottery prediction method

Lottery prediction is understood as a method of prediction based on certain rules. From there, the lottery player will combine the positions on the previous period’s lottery statistics table to form a diamond shape and based on that to analyze and choose the lucky number to play on the day. The formula for predicting diamond-shaped lottery numbers is understood as follows: B – A B and B A – B.

In reality, when playing lottery, this type of lottery does not appear often but is still used by many bettors. Because this form of prediction has an extremely high winning rate. New players can use it easily. For the Northern lottery, this type of prediction is called “Bach Lo Than Chuong”. Once it appears, the probability of winning can be up to 95%.

Detailed instructions on how to predict diamond-shaped lottery numbers

The diamond-shaped lottery method is also known as the leading method of catching white lottery numbers or white numbers today. This bridge may be encountered very rarely, but when it appears, the probability of winning will be very high. Therefore, for those who master the rules, they will definitely play when they have the opportunity without having to hesitate. Let’s learn some extremely accurate ways to play the lottery below.

Lottery prediction method in the shape of a diamond to play

Players need to continuously monitor lottery results statistics over a specific period of time. Next, the player will proceed to pick lots according to the different positions of the numbers in all the correct prizes.

Players can combine with different methods of predicting 3 regions such as: Silver memory, liver lottery statistics,… From there, it will be easy to choose the lottery system with the highest winning rate and bring victory to the player. You can refer to some examples below to more easily grasp this prediction method:

When continuously observing and analyzing the results of the lottery statistics table, you will see the positions: 3.2 – 4.2 – 4.3 – 6.2 in a diamond shape and have been stable for about 2 consecutive days. Play the lottery numbers 12 – 13 – 21 – 31 – 41 – 42 – 43 and the results will be:

Lot 13 returned 2 blinks, lot 41 returned 2 blinks, lot 42 returned 1 blink and lot 43 returned 1 blink. Numbers 12 – 21 – 31 will be missed. Through the example above, players can also see that the profits earned are quite high. In addition, if you know how to apply the method of catching falling lotteries, players can be confident and not worry about going far from shore.

Check the diamond-shaped lottery for the lottery

At this time, players will begin to monitor, synthesize and analyze lottery results on the daily statistics table. If you see 3 prizes in the lottery results consecutively and there appear 2 numbers in the form A – B arranged in a diamond shape, then you should strongly bet on the white number B – A. Surely this is the bet ” Thom” doesn’t always appear, so you should grab the opportunity right away.

For this diamond-shaped lottery prediction, players need to observe carefully, because in fact, many people have missed this lottery number on the lottery results board. In addition, this lottery has an extremely low occurrence rate, so you should be patient and invest a little more time and effort to taste the sweet results.

After predicting the lottery number according to the diamond-shaped method, the player should keep the 5-day result frame by entering double money to increase the profit rate. If the capital amount is not enough, you can raise according to the frame. If you feel that this is a pretty good and stable bet, you can reduce it to a 3-day frame and the results will still be profitable.

Check the diamond-shaped lottery according to the G1 – G4 – G6 prize

This method of checking lottery numbers in the shape of a diamond is quite simple so that players can choose the number with the highest probability of winning. This method is also quite simple. You just need to combine the numbers at the top of the diamond shape in prizes 1, 4.1, 4.4, 6.2 together to find the number you should play.

For example: Using the statistical table of XSMB results on March 20, 2023, combine the numbers located at the center of the cross to get the pair of white numbers 76 – 67. Observing this lottery results table, we We will see the numbers 7 and 6 appear many times in the statistics table.

This is a good sign for you to increase your chances of winning. At this point, you just need to calculate how to deposit money and invest in the 2 ddax numbers you find, your chances of winning will be very high.

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Method of predicting lottery numbers in the shape of a filling according to the missing angle

The missing corner type with the diamond-shaped lottery method very rarely appears. However, once caught, the chance to eat is certainly very large. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, take advantage of the white card corner to optimize your probability of winning. Normally, this type of corner defect will be in prizes 2 and 5 of the lottery results table.

For example: Observing the statistical table of lottery results on September 5, we will have the first prize of 49592, the 4th prize of 41954. Notice that 3 corners are the number 4 and the remaining corner is missing the number 2. Then, proceed to match. These two numbers are paired with number 24 to bet on the next day.

Catching white players in double lots

Double lotteries are often very easy to get a white player because the lotteries do not have to be mixed. Players need to observe and see that the special prize and the 7th prize are in the form of 22767. This is a sign that double 22 will return in the following days. You can deposit money to raise number 22 for 3 to 5 days.

Catch the lottery guys

In the case of a lottery or 2 to 3 flashes, it means that 1 number did not appear. According to the experience of many players, it will return the next day. For example, today the lottery numbers 40 and 42 have 3 blinks, lottery number 14 has 2 blinks and the numbers are 21, 22, 25. So, the next day you can enter the money and bet on numbers 41 and 24 to ensure the odds. higher winning rate.

Experience in applying diamond-shaped lottery prediction effectively

When applying the diamond-shaped lottery prediction method, it can bring great efficiency and profits to players, so you need to pay attention to some experiences shared by experts as follows:

  • When using this method, you need to be persistent and have the ability to observe delicately every small detail in the daily lottery results table. Only then will you be able to bet for the next day.
  • In addition, if you want to increase your winning rate, you should combine the diamond-shaped lottery prediction method with other methods.
  • Not only that, players also need to mention ways to raise lotteries for 2 days or 3 days, etc. to gain huge profits for themselves.


Hopefully the information we share above will help you better understand the diamond-shaped lottery prediction method. okvip We will continuously share useful lottery playing experiences for you guys. Please follow along to soon become a lottery master.

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