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C & J Bus Lines is a family-owned intercity bus company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. C & J is a very famous transportation company providing safe and comfortable transportation to its customers for over 40 years. C & J is navigating into 6 cities across Massachusett, New Hampshire New York Boston, Portsmouth and many other locations. The C & J provides a luxurious and comfortable ride with safety and comfort.

C & J bus lines were established in 1968 by Joe and Bertha Jalbert by the name of C&J Travel Incorporation. The company started its journey with 6 daily trips to the airport in Boston and also operated in small species of New Hampshire. The company quickly gained fame and started to flourish. It started expanding its locations. It also changed its name from C & J Travel incorporation to C & J bus lines. Now this company is one of the best bus companies and travelling across the North East, with 165 on a daily basis with affordability and reliability.

Locations of C&J Bus lines

C&J Travelled across the following locations:

Logan Airport
South Station
New York City
Portsmouth, NH
Seabrook, NH
Dover, NH
Andover, MA
Tewksbury, MA

C&J Bus Lines Experience

C&J is committed to providing the best services to its customers with the experience of first-class rides. The drivers of the company are experienced and very professional. They are dedicated to ensuring that passengers have a safe and enjoyable journey without any kind of hurdle. Availability of outlet at every seat, free Wi-Fi, extra leg room and clean washrooms are available and all the coaches make it a perfect transportation company for the passengers. The high-quality fleet of C&J makes you are journey even more enjoyable.
Not only that, but the fleet of C&J is green-certified. All vehicles are designed in a way that reduces polluting particulate emissions after 90%. The emission of carbon dioxide is very low as compared to other transportation.

C&J Bus lines overview and Head Office

Customer Service: (603) 430-1100

Head Office: Portsmouth Transportation Center 185 Grafton Drive Portsmouth NH 03801



C&J Bus Lines Routes Overview

CRJ bus lines is a diversified bus line which performs 165 bus trips every day featuring 16 bus routes. It travelled across 7 stations in 6 cities with the highest number of bus routes in New York and Andover.

Top city services of C&J Bus lines:

CityRouteFirst routeLast route
Boston301:00 am8:25 am
Portsmouth3010:40 am9:10 am
New York254:30 pm3:30 am
Dover304:30 pm9:00 am
Seabrook3010:40 am9:10 am
Andover275:30 pm3:30 am

Most routes of C&J Bus Lines

Here is the information on some of the popular routes of C&J bus lines:

Boston to Dover

Travelling Duration 1h 30m – 2h 0m
Ticket price$14.99
Trips per day5
Distance59 miles (94 km)

New York to Andover

Travelling Duration
4h 25m-5h 25m
Ticket price$84.00
Trips per day2
Distance200 mi (322 km)

New York to Seabrook

Travelling Duration5h 0m-6h 0m
Ticket price$89.00
Trips per day2
Distance221 mi (356 km)

Boston to Seabrook

Travelling Duration0h 50m-1h 6min
Ticket price$13.99
Trips per day37
Distance38 mi (61 km)

New York to Portsmouth

Travelling Duration5h 15m-6h 15min
Ticket price$89
Trips per day2
Distance233 mi (375 km)

Boston to Portsmouth

Travelling Duration
1h 5m- 1h 15min
Ticket price$14.99
Trips per day38
Distance51 mi (83 km)

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C&J Bus Locations

C & J bus lines have one of the most convenient bus stops covering the most important locations in all cities from New York to Boston and Manhattan to Portsmouth. The South terminal of C & J is on the Subway level and the departure of buses takes place around gate number 2.

The passengers who wish to catch the bus of downtown Boston, are advised to make the way to the South station. Also, C&J can also accommodate the passengers at Boston Logan Airport. The bus halted outside an area specialised for climbing the luggage of the passengers.
For the precise location of all C&J bus terminals, the exact locations are also given below:

  • Terminal A: Outside Door A105 (to the right of the terminal)
  • Terminal B1: Outside Door B101 (to the left)
  • Terminal B2: Outside Door B114 (to the right)
  • Terminal C: Outside Door C110 (to the left of the railing)
  • Terminal E: Outside Door E107 (to the right of the terminal)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does C&J pick up at South Station?

All the C & J buses started their journey from the third floor at platform b of the South station bus terminal.

Does C&J have Wifi?

Wi-Fi hotspot is definitely available on the C&J buses. As the service is connecting from Tower to tower during the route it might be available or signals may lost from time to time so you have to connect again in case of signal loss to enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Can the passengers bring their pets on C&J buses?

The passengers can bring their small dogs and cats on the C&J bus lines by paying $15. It is the big facility provided by C&J buses as they allow their passengers to go on board their pets but they are strictly advised to follow the safety guidelines and steps for a safe and sound journey

Where does the C&J bus drop off in NYC?

C&J is located at a highly convenient place in the heart of Manhattan, at the port authority bus terminals took up blocks of 8th and 9th Avenue and the street of 40th and 42nd Street. C&J situated the lower level of the Southern terminal where the bus arrived and Departed at gate #2

Does C&J go to Dover NH?

Yes C&J Dover terminal is open only for pick up and drop at the location. Dover NH terminal is only open for limited hours from Monday to Friday.

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