Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2023 & 2024

2023Apr 27Thursday
2024Apr 25Thursday
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Bus Driver Appreciation Day 2023,2024,2025,2026,2026 & 2027

School Bus Driver’s Day

School Bus Driver Day is an annual holiday that is observed on the fourth Tuesday in April. This particular day originates on the West Coast of the United States and has been celebrated now for more than a decade. This particular day provides an opportunity for people to show respect and admiration for those professional drivers who are responsible for transporting your children from home to school and then back home daily. Presently there are more than 168000 school bus driver which are employed in the United States of America and are given their duty with honesty. The primary duty of these bus drivers is to transport 26 million to school and back home each year. There is no denying that, these individuals are playing a very crucial role in insurance the safety of children during this task and enabling them to receive education

Background Of School Bus Driver Day

The holiday which is also known as School Bus Driver Day originates in year 2009 when it was established in the California State Assembly. The main purpose of this day is to Express respect gratitude and appreciation toward the school bus drivers for they are dedication, hard work and responsibility to pick up and drop students from school to home daily basis throughout the year.

As professional drivers and support staff, these individuals performed they are duties with professionalism, maintaining positive and cheerful behaviour as well as displaying great patience. Then showed that students reached their schools at a time to receive the education which they rightly deserve without any kind of disturbance. These special individuals are very well aware of the safety of the students throughout their entire transportation process. They never compromised the safety of students.

School Bus Drivers and School Buses | Facts and figurs|

We talked about school bus drivers, their professionalism, enthusiasm, responsibility as well and patience, but how can you describe a school bus driver without his bus? So here is a list of some facts about school bus driver and their buses:

  1. You will amazed by the fact that about 55.3% of all school bus drivers are women while men are about 44.7%.
  2. Most of the demand a bus drivers is in the New York area.
  3. You all know that school buses are painted yellow, the reason is that this is the colour which is most recognisable and quickest to recognise by the human brain cells.
  4. As you know seat belts are mandatory, but this is not the case for school buses as they are built to be safe and sound.
  5. Some other safety features of these school buses are that they have energy-absorbing form in the high back seats of the bus which minimise the impact in the case of a crash.
  6. The first school bus was built by Albert Luce, Who mounted the wood body of a bus on a Ford truck frame in 1925.

Ideas to make their day special

Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of the nation. There are certain ways to observe Bus Driver Day. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Praise them and give them respect like many other government employees. Try to make their day Great and memorable for these unsung heroes.
  • Try to provide them with homemade treats, especially on this special occasion but also try to provide meals on a daily basis which would be really grateful
  • Try to provide them with some gift cards as well as some of the gifts to show your respect and appreciation for their hard work.
  • Offer them a mug of coffee or tea not just on their celebration day but on a daily basis. It would be a great gesture to encourage them and to show your respect toward them

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