Accurate 24 hour prediction of Northern white players you will win from a master

Accurate 24-hour prediction of Northern white players, you will win from a master

Predict the white players in the North Winning big at online game portal is what every player dreams of when entering the lottery world.

There are some new players who want to win quickly and often join websites specializing in lottery, including Northern lottery predictions. So what about longtime players, what methods do they use to “persistently” beat the house? Without spending too much on each hit? The answer is that they analyze and study lottery results and draw solutions Predict the white players in the North the most exactly. For details, let’s go BJ88 Find out the article below!

Learn about the Northern Lottery

Source: White Lottery (BTL) is a term that originated from word of mouth among gamblers and lotto players.

Bach Thu Lo is used a lot and is more popular in the North. Later, it gradually “covered” other provinces/cities in the Southern and Central regions.

Name: In addition to the name white lottery, players can use some other terms instead such as One Shot, single lottery,…

Define: White hand is understood as a method in which the player only needs to play once per game per day without adding any other cards and must be confident that he will win.

Participating in the Northern Lottery does not require investing too much money, especially for newbies. However, for veteran lottery experts, once they have determined the number, it will definitely explode, so they will invest a huge amount of money to receive a good bargain from the house.

How to play BTL: there are quite a few ways to do it Lottery prediction in the North and lotteries, however to increase the probability of hitting BTL, you should choose the most reputable tips.

Top 7 free 24-hour Northern Lottery prediction methods that are recognized as very effective

If in soccer select If you have football odds, when playing lottery there will be ways to predict. Below are 7 methods that professional lottery players share to get the most standard and easy-to-win northern lottery numbers.

Lottery prediction for Northern white players in the shape of a diamond

Follow the daily lottery results table and arrange the prizes in vertical order. If in 3 adjacent prizes there appear 2 numbers, for example A and B, forming together to form a diamond as follows: A – BAB – A

Then bet on the AB number the next day, or keep it for 5 consecutive days.

Note: How Lottery prediction in the North This should only apply to the following prizes: Third prize – Fourth prize – Fifth prize.

Catching a double lottery bet is based on a mute head and a mute tail

Observe the Northern lottery statistics table yesterday or 3-4 days before. If at least 1 dumb head or dumb tail appears, double the number of that dumb head/tail for the next day.

For example: Today, the first 3 and the first 5 are silent, you can choose to play one of the two double numbers 33 or 55.

Predict the Northern white players based on the dumb end

Similar to the above method of catching double lottery numbers. But if the player plays the first lottery number and touches 0 or the dumb tail for the next day, it is in the form of 0A or A0 (A is the head/tail of the silent lottery number).

If there are at least 2 heads/tails that are both mute, then play the white pair AB or BA.

Predict the northern white players based on the falling numbers

This method of bridging is extremely simple. New participants should apply this method, but they must feed continuously for 3-5 days to receive profit.

Review yesterday’s XSMB special prize results to determine the number AB based on that. In the next 3 – 5 days, the player who bets AB falls from the lottery or fails THREE.
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Catch the lottery according to the 5-7 day frame

If you are a player with a large amount of investment capital, you should use this method, because the chance of winning the next day is not high, so you need to keep farming continuously.

– Raise the octopus within 7 days:

+ Method 1: Play the white lottery according to prize 5.1

+ Method 2: Match the first position of the 5.3 tournament with the 3rd position of the 5.3 tournament

+ Method 3: Add up the numbers of the first prize to get the final number AB.

– Raise the octopus within 5 days:

+ Method 1: Take the ball of prize 7.4 in the lottery results table on Tuesday and play continuously for 5 days.

+ Method 2: Take the lottery ball of the 5.4 prize on the 4th day + 1 to be raised by the white player within 5 days.

+ Method 3: Find and raise the falling lot of prize 4.4 every Thursday and raise it in a 5-day frame.

Predict the Northern white players based on the rectangle with missing corners

Observe yesterday’s lottery results table, applicable to prizes with 4 or 5 digits. In 2 prizes with the same number of digits put together, you will get a rectangle with missing corners in the form: A……B, A……A

Then the next day you play white player AB or BA. If one of the two numbers appeared today, play the remaining number the next day. Should be farmed continuously for 3 days to gain profit.

Predict the Northern white players in the form of Pascal’s bridge

Lottery prediction according to Pascal is a way to catch Northern lottery players for free, applicable to special prizes and first prizes of daily lottery results.

Accordingly, the player pairs the numbers in the Special Prize with the first prize and then consecutively accumulates the 2 numbers together until the final total is left with 2 AB numbers, then use this pair of numbers to play the card game for the next 3 days. according to.


The article on BJ88 lists 7 methods Lottery prediction in the North The most effective option that you should consider when playing lottery.

In addition, if you have a lot of time to research, you can come up with personal prediction methods that can be applied to play regularly to increase the probability of winning as well as share with many others!

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