What Are the Exciting Things You Can Do on a Savannah Safari Lets Find Out

What Are the Exciting Things You Can Do on a Savannah Safari? Let’s Find Out!

If you want to tick off the savannah safari from your bucket list but do not know what you can do when you visit Ngorongoro, then this guide is for you. This conservation area in Tanzania have been fascinating destinations for travelers or nature lovers. If you seek adventure and wildlife, then you must ignore the captivating animals and birds and the vast landscape of this area.

Here are the top activities you can carry out when you reach this conservation area.

  • Go for a game drive

Choose to go on a game drive through this conservation area and explore the plains and diverse ecosystems. Here, you can witness remarkable fauna and the fascinating Big Five. Other than this, you also get to see many magnificent creatures roaming in their natural habitat.

  • Explore the Ngorongoro crater

The most wonderful creation of nature is the Ngorongoro crater, a vast volcanic caldera formed around a million years ago. When you get down to the floor of the crater, you see astonishing wildlife and a beautiful landscape. The unique ecosystem hosts wildebeest, zebra, and the rare black rhino.

  • Embark on a trek through the Empakaai crater

If you love to wander off, trekking through the Empakaai crater should be on the activity list. It is an off-beat road, and you can witness nature’s untamed and untouched hidden beauty. You get to see lush trees and many rare bird species. You also get to see the soda lake, which is a true paradise for photographers.

  • Learn about the Maasai culture

When you visit the Ngorongoro conservation area, you cannot miss out on engaging with the Maasai people, where you learn about the traditional way of living, age-old customs, and vibrant ceremonies. You get to immerse yourself in the Maasai people’s close connection with nature, enlightening you to a new culture.

  • Explore Olduvai Gorge

The Olduvai Gorge is also known as the cradle of human beings and holds significant importance in archaeology. You must visit the museum to explore the early remains of human ancestors, including Homo habilis and Australopithecus. Thus, you get to know about the shared history.

  • Enjoy birdwatching

Ngorongoro Conservation Area also hosts various kinds of birds, and you get the chance to stroll about and birdwatch. The birds’ colorful plumage and melodious songs will surely keep you hooked on the savannah safari.

  • Visit the hippo pool

This area is also home to hippos, which are iconic and fascinating creatures. These semi-aquatic animals are welcoming, and their site is welcoming. You can see how gracefully they move, both inside and outside the water.

  • Visit the Ndutu Lake

Ndutu Lake is known for its scenic beauty amidst this conservation area. This is a picturesque lake, and here you get to see a vast array of wildlife, mainly during the great migration.

Camp under the African sky – final thoughts

if you do not stargaze under the African sky, your savannah safari remains incomplete. Within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you can witness extraordinary scenic views and enjoy the camp amidst nature. You can embark on a tranquil journey and connect with nature. So, why wait to plan your visit to this conservation area?

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