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Top 7 most popular Esports games today that cannot be missed

Current game Esports always brings players attractive experiences. Games of this genre all bring fierce competition between participants. In addition, top Esports matches are held every year and receive countless welcomes from gamers. To find out why and which titles are the best, come along MB66 Follow the article below.
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What is Esports Game?

Before discovering the top best games today, let’s learn about its concept with MB66. Game Esports is a game brought into Esports competition, also known as electronic sports.

Game Esports played in professional competitions, usually in a few major genres. The majority of the genre is fighting games, first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), traditional sports, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Among them, the MOBA genre is the most popular in terms of participation and viewership. Masters from around the world will compete to try to win great prizes.

Top of the best Esports games today

After a long period of development, countless titles game Esports was born. Some of them lasted a long time and some died out. To have the most general overview of this genre, let’s explore the e-sports games below with MB66.

1.League of Legends

League of Legends, with the English name League of Legends, is developed and published by Riot Games. This is the most played MOBA genre game. Furthermore, League of Legends is also the title game Esports number 1 of the World.

Currently, League of Legends is still sitting at the top of the top MOBA Esports games with the most plays. Specifically, with the number of 1 million concurrent players at its peak and reaching more than 14 million plays in a month.

2.Dota 2

When talking about League of Legends, the name DOTA 2 cannot be missing, a predecessor and also a long-time rival. Although it is ahead, partly due to its difficulty, this game is less prominent in Vietnam. However, this is also an extremely bright name to experience Game Esports in 2023. And remember, DOTA 2 is currently the game with the largest total prize pool, reaching 309 million dollars. This number is more than 3 times higher than League of Legends.

3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Next on MB66’s list, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang emerges as a MOBA mobile game monument. Thanks to being well optimized for mobile devices, this game is currently the MOBA mobile game with the most players. Besides, it is also the title game Esports second most prominent in 2023 according to Esports Charts.

4.Counter Strike 2

Counter Strike is gradually regaining its advantage over the titles game Esports MOBA recently launched a version of Counter Strike 2. With a series of top-notch upgrades, from graphics, sound, physics, all carefully edited by Value.

Counter Strike 2 still retains the familiar shooting style between the two terrorist and anti-terrorist factions. Gameplay that cannot fade over the years and endure over time is what can be described in this famous game. Up to now, there has not been any FPS Esports game that can beat Counter Strike.

5. Valuing

This is a late-born FPS Esports game name from Riot Games. However, Valorant surpassed all previous predecessors such as Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone,… to slowly climb to the 2nd most popular position of the FPS genre.

Overall, Valorant is like a gentle combination of Counter Strike and Overwatch. The game does not have simple gameplay like Counter Strike and the pace is not as high as Overwatch. Valorant is the middle point, balancing everything in gameplay. However, the biggest minus point of Riot’s FPS game is the graphics. Valorant graphics are not eye-catching at the present time.
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6.PUBG Mobile

Unlike the half-dead PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile is currently developing extremely well. This game is constantly held in large and small tournaments and is worth experiencing when you only have a smartphone.


Fortnite is also a Battle Royale game released at the same time as the PUBG fever. But it did not die and rose to become the number one Battle Royale game on PC. In 2023, this game is leading in the number of players, reaching 1.5 million players. Corresponding to that is nearly 40 million players per month.

Above are all the titles game Esports The most worth playing in 2023 that gamers cannot ignore. MB66 thanks you for your interest in following this article. Wishing all gamers have fun and entertaining moments.

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