Puerto Rican products that you must try

Puerto Rican products that you must try

Puerto Rico, an island rich in culture and tradition, offers a myriad of unique products that capture its vibrant essence. From culinary delights to artisanal crafts, there are several Puerto Rican products that visitors must try to get a true taste of the island. This article explores some of the most iconic items that you shouldn’t miss, including the island’s famous caribbean hot sauce, the beloved Yaucono coffee, and a variety of Puerto Rico souvenirs that make perfect mementos of your trip.

1. Caribbean Hot Sauce

Puerto Rican cuisine is known for its bold flavors, and one product that epitomizes this is the island’s Caribbean hot sauce. This condiment is a staple in Puerto Rican households, adding a fiery kick to dishes like mofongo, tostones, and arroz con gandules. What makes Puerto Rican hot sauce distinct is its blend of local peppers, herbs, and spices, creating a flavor profile that is both spicy and flavorful.

One popular brand to look out for is Pique, which comes in various versions, each with a unique blend of ingredients. The classic Pique sauce combines vinegar, hot peppers, garlic, and oregano, while other versions might include tropical fruits like pineapple or mango, adding a sweet undertone to the heat. Another beloved variety is the homemade pique sauce, often found in local eateries, made with a mix of scotch bonnet peppers, culantro, and sometimes a dash of rum.

When visiting Puerto Rico, be sure to try this hot sauce on traditional dishes. It is also an excellent souvenir to take Famous Quotes home, offering a taste of the Caribbean that can spice up your meals long after your trip.

2. Yaucono Coffee

No discussion of Puerto Rican products would be complete without mentioning Yaucono coffee. This iconic coffee brand has been a favorite on the island since 1896, and it continues to be a beloved staple for both locals and visitors. Grown in the high-altitude regions of Puerto Rico, these brand coffee beans are known for their rich, full-bodied flavor and smooth finish.

It stands out due to its meticulous production process. The beans are carefully selected and roasted to perfection, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product. The coffee is often described as having a balanced taste with notes of chocolate and a hint of sweetness, making it a perfect choice for both morning brews and afternoon pick-me-ups.

While in Puerto Rico, make sure to visit local cafes to experience a freshly brewed cup of Yaucono coffee. Many establishments also sell bags of beans or ground coffee, allowing you to take this delightful product home. It’s a perfect way to bring a piece of Puerto Rico into your daily routine and share the island’s coffee culture with friends and family.

3. Puerto Rican Rum

Puerto Rico is often referred to as the “Rum Capital of the World,” and for good reason. The island has a long history of rum production, and its distilleries produce some of the finest rums available. Brands like Bacardi, Don Q, and Ron del Barrilito are internationally recognized and offer a range of products from light and gold rums to aged and premium varieties.

One of the most unique aspects of Puerto Rican rum is the aging process, which takes place in oak barrels. This gives the rum a smooth, rich flavor that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in cocktails like the piña colada and mojito. When visiting Puerto Rico, consider taking a distillery tour to learn about the rum-making process and sample different varieties. Many distilleries also offer exclusive bottles and limited editions that make excellent souvenirs.

4. Artisanal Chocolates

Puerto Rico’s burgeoning chocolate industry is another highlight for food enthusiasts. The island’s tropical climate is ideal for growing cacao, and several local chocolatiers are producing high-quality, artisanal chocolates. One notable brand is Chocobar Cortés, which uses locally sourced cacao to create delicious chocolate bars, truffles, and even a unique chocolate drink.

These artisanal chocolates often feature flavors inspired by Puerto Rican ingredients, such as coconut, coffee, and tropical fruits. They make for a delightful treat and are a fantastic gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Be sure to visit local chocolate shops and markets to sample a variety of products and learn more about the island’s cacao cultivation.

5. Puerto Rican Spices and Seasonings

Puerto Rican cuisine is renowned for its use of aromatic spices and seasonings, which are essential in creating its distinct flavors. Some of the most popular seasonings include adobo, sofrito, and sazón. These blends are used in a wide range of dishes, from meats and stews to rice and beans.

Adobo is a versatile seasoning made from garlic, oregano, black pepper, and turmeric. It’s used as a marinade for meats and as a general-purpose seasoning. Sofrito is a fragrant mixture of onions, garlic, bell peppers, and cilantro, often sautéed and used as a base for many dishes. Sazón, on the other hand, typically includes ground annatto seeds, cumin, and coriander, giving food a distinctive color and flavor.

These spices and seasonings are widely available in local markets and grocery stores, making them a great souvenir to take home. Using them in your cooking will instantly transport you back to the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine.

6. Handcrafted Jewelry

For those interested in unique fashion accessories, Puerto Rico offers a range of handcrafted jewelry. Local artisans create beautiful pieces using materials such as seashells, coral, and semi-precious stones. One popular type of jewelry is made from black coral, which is found in the waters surrounding the island and is prized for its deep, lustrous color.

Another distinctive material used in Puerto Rican jewelry is the coa, a traditional tool used by indigenous Taíno people. Some artisans incorporate fragments of coa into their designs, creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also carry historical significance.

When shopping for jewelry, consider visiting artisan markets and boutiques where you can find one-of-a-kind items. These pieces make wonderful gifts and are a stylish way to remember your time on the island.

7. Puerto Rican Ceramics

Puerto Rican ceramics are another must-try product, reflecting the island’s rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. Local potters create a variety of items, from functional kitchenware to decorative pieces, often incorporating traditional Taíno motifs and contemporary designs.

One of the most famous ceramics studios on the island is Taller Isla, located in the town of Ponce. Here, you can find beautifully crafted bowls, plates, and vases, each piece showcasing the skill and creativity of the artisans. These ceramics are perfect for adding a touch of Puerto Rican artistry to your home and make excellent souvenirs.

8. Guava Paste and Tropical Preserves

For a sweet taste of the tropics, Puerto Rican guava paste and other fruit preserves are a must-try. Guava paste, or pasta de guayaba, is a thick, sweet spread made from guava fruit and sugar. It’s commonly enjoyed with cheese, crackers, or as a filling in pastries.

In addition to guava, you can find preserves made from other tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, and passion fruit. These products capture the natural sweetness and vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico’s tropical fruits, making them a delicious addition to your pantry. They are also widely available in markets and specialty stores, making them easy to bring home as a tasty souvenir.

9. Puerto Rican Honey

Puerto Rico’s diverse flora provides a rich source of nectar for bees, resulting in a variety of unique and flavorful honeys. Local beekeepers produce honey that captures the essence of the island’s tropical environment, with flavors ranging from light and floral to dark and robust.

One popular type of honey is made from the nectar of the native Puerto Rican beehive ginger plant, known for its distinctive flavor and health benefits. Another sought-after variety is the honey produced from the flowers of the mangrove trees, which has a rich, caramel-like taste.

Puerto Rican honey is not only delicious but also a great way to support local agriculture. It makes a wonderful gift or addition to your kitchen, providing a sweet reminder of your visit to the island.

10. Puerto Rico Souvenirs

No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without picking up some authentic Puerto Rico souvenirs. These can range from traditional crafts to modern keepsakes, each reflecting the island’s culture and heritage. One popular souvenir is the vejigante mask, a brightly colored mask made from papier-mâché or coconut husks, often worn during festivals and parades.

Another iconic souvenir is the muñeca de trapo, or cloth doll, which is a traditional handmade doll dressed in folkloric clothing. These dolls are not only charming but also represent Puerto Rico’s rich cultural traditions.

Other souvenirs to consider include handmade hammocks, locally produced cigars, and artwork by Puerto Rican artists. Whether you’re looking for something practical or decorative, the wide range of souvenirs available ensures that you can find the perfect item to remember your trip.


Puerto Rico offers a wealth of products that reflect its vibrant culture, rich history, and culinary traditions. From the fiery caribbean hot sauce and the beloved Yaucono coffee to the unique Puerto Rico souvenirs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a lover of artisanal crafts, or simply looking for the perfect gift, these products provide a wonderful way to experience and remember the magic of Puerto Rico. So, the next time you visit this beautiful island, be sure to explore and indulge in these must-try Puerto Rican products.

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