List of Must see Destinations in Guatemala

List of Must-see Destinations in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country of much natural beauty. It also boasts a warm climate year round, and is sometimes referred to as the country of eternal spring.

It gives visitors the best of both worlds with cities and archeological sites that hold the cultural heritage of humanity and natural beauty. With places such as Lake Atitlan, being one of the most beautiful in the world.

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La Antigua

Antigua is a colonial city that is rich in cultural heritage and holds a number of baroque-style buildings that have been magnificently preserved. This makes it the most visited site in the whole country.

The main tourist attractions of this city are (among others):

  • Palace of the Captains General
  • The Convent and Arch of Santa Catalina
  • The Plaza Mayor

Many travelers travel to Antigua to observe the traditional annual Easter celebration that takes place in the city streets, this celebration is filled with expressions of religious fervor carried out by the inhabitants of Antigua. 

Tikal National Park

The second most visited tourist destination in the country is this park. It has valuable and impressive treasures of the ancient Mayan Civilization.

It is the most famous natural and cultural reserve in the country and is a dedicated World Heritage Site. This park holds some of the most fascinating archeological remains of the ancient Mayan Civilization.

Lake Atitlan

This is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful lakes in the world making it an absolute must-see, and, it is also one of the deepest lakes in Central America.

This lake has been one of the most attractive regions from an anthropological point of view due to the richness of mixtures of cultures. Not only is the history surrounding the lake magical but the hills and volcanoes that surround the lake offer forests that are perfect for hiking and bird watching. 

Yaxha Nakum Naranjo Park

This park displays the ruins of the ancient city located on the northern bank of the lake. This city is known as Yaxha. And is home to several archeological sites and a complex habitat of wetlands, and high and low forests, which make it a highly unique area.


This is a little town that is halfway between the city of Antigua and Lake Atitlan. It is home to perhaps the most important indigenous market in Central America.

The streets are filled with stalls where you can find anything and everything that you may, or may not, need from crafts to fruits or seafood. This little market takes place on Thursdays and Sundays and it is advisable to get there as early as possible so that you can take your pick of the items for sale. 


This town has been named the “Caribbean of Guatemala” and we think that there may be some truth to this. The most interesting thing is that you can only get there by boat, as it is not accessible by road. Once you are in the town you will have the feeling that you left Guatemala and may have ended up in Africa. Enjoying this little town’s gastronomy and atmosphere is a must on your trip. 

Flores, a must-see town in Guatemala

Fores is a small island located in Lake Peten Itza, which is a little north of Guatemala itself. This little island has a bridge that connects it to the mainland.

It is often used as a base to explore Tikal, however, it is a lovely place to discover itself and should not be overlooked. It is a town filled with colorful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, we recommend that you grab a boat and explore some of the beaches on the other side. If Tikal is on your list, we recommend spending some time here too, it is well worth exploring. 

Guatemala is a beautiful country with so much to offer, beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, ancient Mayan sites, rich in history, and a beautiful mix of cultures. From colorful towns to ancient temples, lush rainforests, abundant rivers, towering volcanoes, and of course iconic lakes. Whether you are an adventurer, a history buff, a foodie, or a lover of nature, there is something for everyone in Guatemala, and is a must-see destination. 

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