Lieng – The number 1 attractive online card game atMB66

Lieng – The number 1 attractive online card game atMB66

Among the countless genres of card games,Lieng is still a prominent name, chosen by many bettors. Like other card games, playing this game is quite simple. However, its attractive point lies in the scoring method and reward rate. So, if you don’t know the detailed information yet, don’t ignore the following information MB66

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What is a spiritual lesson?

Lieng is a card game, very popular in Vietnamese game portals. The game is played in groups of 2 to 6 people and is played in the form of select. The deck of cards used is a 52-card deck.

With minimalist gameplay, each game takes place very quickly. Anyone who wants to make money from this game, in addition to clearly understanding the Lieng card concept, must also understand how to play, how to calculate points and secrets from experts. The next content of the article will update you with useful information.

How to play Lieng card in detail

How to play cards Lieng Quite simple, similar to Xi To. Before starting the game, everyone bets the floor equally. Then, each person is dealt 3 different cards, you need to keep these cards secret. Next there will be 4 options:

  • Choose to face down: If you notice the cards that you are too weak to win, then choose to face down. Of course, when choosing this door, the bet amount will be lost.
  • Choose by: Choosing this door, the bettor will have to bet the same amount as the previous person. Every time you follow, you have to accept the possibility of losing your bet and following money. However, if you win, you will receive both.
  • Choosing to raise: When choosing to raise, a player must bet money higher than the amount the previous person bet.
  • Choose all-in: With this option, if you feel your cards are strong and can win, bet all your money. However, you should only go all-in when you are truly confident that your victory is 100%.

Once all players have made their choices, it will be time to turn over the cards. Whoever’s card has the highest value wins. Each hand can only be raised once.!

How to calculate Lieng points?

Besides understanding the rules of the game, how to calculate points Lieng also very important. Once you know how to calculate, you can come up with a suitable playing strategy. The deck of cards is arranged in descending order.

  • Wax: These are 3 cards of the same value. If there are 2 players who own a set of cards, they will compare the value of the cards.
  • Lieng: Three consecutive cards and not of the same suit. In the card game, Q, K, A cards are also accepted. This is the set with the greatest value, whoever owns it has a very high chance of winning.
  • Dong Hoa, also known as Slut: Includes 3 cards with the heads J, Q, K but not Lieng or Sap.
  • In addition to the above cases, players can sum 3 cards together. The total from 2-9 is calculated according to the number of points equal to the value of the card, while 10, J, Q, K are calculated as 0 points and Ace is 1 point.
  • The order of points in the card game is calculated as follows: Sap > Lieng > Di > 9 > 8 > … > 0.
  • If the table has more than one person with the same card value, the money in the hand is divided equally among everyone.
  • At the end of the game, the person with the highest deck who does not fold will win.

The secret to playing Lieng cards effectively atMB66 

Playing card Lieng It’s not too difficult, but if you want to win, players need to remember the following:

Choose to play Lieng at a crowded table

According to the experience of experts, when playing at crowded select tables, the odds of being cheated by the house will not be high. Besides, this method also helps increase your chances of winning very high.

No need to wait for high cards to bet

One way to play Lieng It’s easy to win because you can bet at any time, even if your cards are not high. Because the psychology of most players is that they are not confident when raising small cards. If you pretend to have cards by shouting, it will confuse your opponent. This is a trick to scare the opponent.

Don’t play recklessly

The act of raising in card games Lieng has 2 sides. That will help the bettor win everything, but will also cause them to fall into nothing. When your opponent has a big hand, it will be easy for them to catch the card when calling, making it easy for you to lose.

So in these cases, don’t bet regardless. Wait until the cards are bigger and have a higher chance of winning, then do it. At that point, people will assume you’re tricking them and make them follow suit. The end result is that you easily get your loot.

Playing card Lieng quite simple, however the chance to win will not come to those who are subjective and play superficially. Carefully studying the information above is something you should not ignore. Especially please join the game at MB66 to ensure prestige, safety and high winning rate.

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