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Daewoo Express bus service is a leading inter-city private bus service carrying passengers to over 60 destinations in Pakistan. It is a top bus service in Pakistan with a well-organized setup and advanced transport services. Daewoo Express Limited was Incorporated in December 1997 and started its operation in April 1998.

Since then it is providing luxury services in Pakistan with 450 buses with some advanced level buses including  Daewoo, Yutong Master, and Volvo. Daewoo Express is direct competitor of Faisal Movers. Daewoo bus service is operating 16 destinations in Pakistan and it has 60 operating terminals located in different cities of Pakistan in all provinces providing transportation services all across the country with excellent facilities to its customers.

Daewoo Express Bus Types

Daewoo bus service is one of the best bus services operating in Pakistan. It is providing long-distance bus service with efficient time management and the best possible facilities in all major cities of Pakistan.

Daewoo Express bus service has a drugged competition with airlines and railway networks for providing travelling services within Pakistan. Daewoo bus service had one of the best and most advanced fleets with almost 400 + buses of different types and categories.
There are the following types of buses available in the advanced fleet of Daewoo Express:

  • Daewoo BH116
  • Daewoo BH120F
  • Daewoo BX212
  • Volvo Marcopolo
  • Hyundai Universe Noble
  • Yutong Nova
  • Yutong Charisma
  • Golden Dragon “Daewoo Dragon”
  • Golden Dragon Triumph High Decker

Daewoo Express Services

Daewoo Express services are given below that are offered in most of the cities of the Pakistan:

  • Daewoo Cab Service
  • Daewoo City bus service
  • Cargo service

Daewoo Express Cab Services

Daewoo has also started its cab service in Pakistan. This cab service started in 2014 in Lahore and Rawalpindi. The cab service of Daewoo Express is highly adorable. It is only available for the passengers of the Daewoo bus service.

The Daewoo Express has a fleet of 200+ vehicles, which are providing cab service from point to point within Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Kakkar, Karachi, Quetta, and Multan. The cab service of Daewoo Express also operates in northern areas of Pakistan but only during the summer season.

Daewoo Express City Bus Service

Daewoo Express also provides a city bus service. Daewoo Express brings a new revolution of bus services in Pakistan since its first operation. It was provided with air-conditioned buses, with an announcement system and stopping.

City bus service is providing by Daewoo Express since 1998. The city bus service operated four routes within the city of Lahore and one Urban route as well just for Sheikhupura.

Daewoo Express Cargo Service

Daewoo Express also provides its cargo and courier services within Pakistan. The Daewoo Express provides a cargo service which name called Daewoo Fastex. This cargo service is available in almost all Daewoo bus terminals and working 24/7 a week. They are providing a very safe and quick dispatch of delivery from terminals to home. The Cargo service of Daewoo Express is growing more rapidly.

Daewoo Express Bus Categories

Daewoo Express bus service provides multiple categories of services for a single route. Daewoo Express provides the best services with entertainment facilities including Wifi. The availability of the latest entertainment system with charging ports Will not let the passenger feel bored.
There are the following kinds of service categories for Daewoo express bus service users:

Daewoo Luxury Class

This is a 40-seater luxury bus with 2 by 2 seating arrangement.
Super luxury class: super luxury class is also equipped with 2 by 2 seating arrangements but better onboard facilities.

Daewoo Gold Class

This is a 30-seater business class bus with 2 by 1 seat arrangement with some excellent onboard facilities for refreshments including the provision of a box containing snacks biscuits candies etc. Water and cold beverages are also provided for the passengers of this class.

Daewoo Sleeper Bus Service

The sleeper bus is a perfect bus service for long-distance journeys. It is a double-story bus with 27 beds.

Daewoo Express Onboard Facilities

Daewoo Express provides the following onboard facilities:

  • Board attendant on board attendant
  • Wi-Fi which is optional obviously for some types of buses
  • Availability of charging ports
  • Availability of AC and heater.
  • Reclining of seats after a short period
  • Availability of footrest
  • Refreshment facilities are optional for some categories

Onboard Entertainment

There is also available non-stop entertainment for the passengers. Daewoo Bus service is committed to making sure that the passengers must feel comfortable and excited during their journey. The travelling of the Daewoo service started with the recitation of journey prayers.
There are the following entertaining services including:

  • Audio songs
  • Availability of movies, dramas as well as documentaries
  • You can switch your system from audio to video.
  • Daily newspapers are also available in the Daewoo bus service.
  • You will also be provided with headphones to enjoy yourself without disturbing or being disturbed by anyone.

Refreshment Facilities

Daewoo Bus service also provides refreshments for its passengers, especially for the passengers of the gold class category. The remaining bus services including luxury and super luxury buses are provided with different types are refreshments. The passengers of these classes are provided with a box containing snacks, biscuits, candies, and cold drinks to make the passengers feel fresh.

Daewoo Online Booking

Just like any other best service, Daewoo Express also provides online booking of seats. The passenger can book his Daewoo Express ticket online by downloading Daewoo Express app from the Google Play store. You can also book your online ticket by visiting sastaticket you can book your ticket for all the routes of Daewoo Express. The payment method of Daewoo Express is also very simple. You can go to your ticket by paying via JazzCash, Easypaisa, credit card or debit card.

Daewoo Contact Number And Terminal Address

There are over 60 terminals of Daewoo Express located in 4 provinces of Pakistan. Some of the most well-known terminals with their contact number and complete address are given below:

Daewoo Lahore Contact Number (Head Office)

The head office of Daewoo Express is in Lahore. Here is the complete address of Daewoo Express with the contact number:

Daewoo Lahore Address (Head Office): 231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan
UAN: 111-007-008
Daewoo Lahore Contact Number: 0304-111-7-008
Website: www.daewoo.com.pk
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Daewoo.Official

Daewoo Kalma Chowk Lahore Contact Number:

Address: 231-A, Main Ferozpur Road, Kalma Chowk, Lahore,
Contact Number: 042-111-007-008

Daewoo Thokar Lahore Contact Number:

Address: Tokhar Niaz Baig Between Multan Road & Mohlanwal Road Near PSO Petrol Pump, Lahore
Contact Number: 042-111-007-008

Daewoo Faisalabad Contact Number

Daewoo Faisalabad Address: Chak No-123 (JB) Mohallah Akbarabad, Punj Pullian Road, Opp. Allied Hospital. Faisalabad
Daewoo Faisalabad Contact Number: 041-2627460

Daewoo Abbottabad Contact Number

Daewoo Abbottabad Address: Near Mesile Chowk, Moza Jhangi, chowk Mandian, Main Mansehra Road, Abt Cantt.
Daewoo Abbottabad Contact Number: 0992-384718

Daewoo Rahim Yar Khan Contact Number

Daewoo Rahim Yar Khan Address: Moza Bahadurpur, KLP Road, Distt. RYK, Chowk Bahadupur.
Daewoo Rahim Yar Khan Contact Number: 068-5614476

Daewoo Sargodha Contact Number

Daewoo Sargodha Address: Plot No. 149 & 150, Main College Road, wagon Stand, Chak No. 47 NB, Sargodha Cantt.
Daewoo Sargodha Contact Number: 048-3225930

Daewoo Sialkot Contact Number

Daewoo Sialkot Address: Garrison Park near Jail Road, Skt Cantonment opp. GTS.
Daewoo Sialkot Contact Number: 052-4298807

Daewoo Rawalpindi Contact Number

Daewoo Rawalpindi Address: Near Jhangi Sayyedan, Near EME College, Peshawar Road, Teh/Distt Islamabad.
Daewoo Rawalpindi Contact Number: 051-5466215

Daewoo Peshawar Contact Number

Daewoo Peshawar Address: GTS Workshop, Opp. General Bus Stand, G.T. Road, Peshawar.
Daewoo Peshawar Contact Number: 091-2657591-3

Daewoo Swat Contact Number

Daewoo Swat Address: Amankot, GT Road, opp. PSO. Pump near GTS, Mingora, Swat.
Daewoo Swat Contact Number: 0946-729105

Daewoo Multan Contact Number

Daewoo Multan Address: Opp. TTC, Qaddafi Chowk, Multan.
Daewoo Multan Contact Number: 061-6776363

Daewoo Sahiwal Contact Number

Daewoo Sahiwal Address : Daewoo Terminal, Arif Wala Chowk, Bypass Road, Sahiwal.
Daewoo Sahiwal Contact Number: 040-4501163-64

Daewoo Bahawalpur Contact Number

Daewoo Bahawalpur Address: Opp. SadiqPublic School, Ahmed Pur Road, Dera Nawab Sahib Road, near NLC.
Daewoo Bahawalpur Contact Number: 062-2877120

Daewoo Dera Ghazi Khan Contact Number

Daewoo Dera Ghazi Khan Address: Moza Ghadai Shumali, Near New General Bus Stand, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Daewoo Dera Ghazi Khan Contact Number: 064-2472481

Daewoo Karachi Contact Number

Daewoo Karachi Address: Scheme# 33, Main Super Highway, Near PSO Petrol Pump, Suhrab Goth, Karachi.
Daewoo Karachi Contact Number: 021-6830082 / 021-68303621

Daewoo Hyderabad Contact Number

Daewoo Hyderabad Address: Plot # A-21, Block-C, Unit#7, Autoban Road, Latifabad

Daewoo Hyderabad Contact number: 022-3821608

Daewoo Sukkur Contact Number

Daewoo Sukkur Address: Plot No. 1028 adjacent to Edhi Center, Baber Loi Rohri By Pass, NHA, Sukkur

Daewoo Sukkur Contact Number:071-5804375

Daewoo Dera Ismail Khan Contact Number

Daewoo Dera Ismail Khan Address: Opposite Khan Plaza, Bannu Road Dera Ismail Khan

Daewoo Dera Ismail Khan Contact number: 0966-730941

Daewoo Bahadurpur Contact Number

Daewoo Bahadurpur Address: Opposite Sadiq Public School, Ahmedpur Road, Dera Nawab Sahib Road, near NLC

Daewoo Bahadurpur Contact Number: 068-5614476

Daewoo Gujranwala Contact Number

Daewoo Gujranwala Address: Next to Rescue Office 1122 near Qutab Auto’s Admore Petrol Pump Gujranwala

Daewoo Gujranwala Contact Number: 051-3412185

Daewoo Gujrat Contact Number

Address: Khasra no. 714, Khatooni no. 665/1208, GT Road Near UBL Bank, Gujrat

Daewoo Jhang Contact Number

Daewoo Jhang Address: Safdar Petrolium, Mohallah Islam Nagar, Bhukkar Road, Jhang

Daewoo Jhang Contact Number: 0477-627688

Daewoo Mardan Contact Number

Daewoo Mardan Address: Army Welfare Shops, CMH, The Mall G.T Road, Station Headquarters

Daewoo Mardan Contact Number: 0937-876113

Daewoo Sadiqabad Contact Number

Daewoo Sadiqabad Address: KLP Road, Tehsil Sadiqabad, District, Rahim Yar Khan (RYK)

Daewoo Sadiqabad Contact Number: 068-5674476

Daewoo Nowshera Contact Number

Daewoo Nowshera Address: Army Welfare Shops, CMH, The Mall G.T Road, Station Headquarters

Daewoo Nowshera Contact number: 0923-611190

Daewoo Okara Contact Number

Daewoo Okara Address: Food Valley Marriage Lawn G. T. Road, Okara

Daewoo Okara Contact Number: 044-2550401-2

Daewoo Jhelum Contact Number

Daewoo Jhelum Address: Behind Police Welfare Pump, Main G.T Road, Jada, Jhelum

Daewoo Jhelum Contact Number: 0544-720935

Daewoo Mianwali Contact Number

Daewoo Mianwali Address: PAF Road, Near Flavor City Hotel, Mianwali

Daewoo Mianwali Contact Number: 0459-236239

Daewoo Daska Contact Number

Daewoo Daska Address: Gujranwala, opposite Star CNG Near Canal Bridge Daska

Daewoo Daska Contact Number: 052-6615151

Daewoo Dharki Contact Number

Daewoo Dharki Address: Sattar CNG, by Pass Road, Daharki, District Ghotki

Daewoo Dharki Contact Number: 0723-644422-4

Daewoo Khanewal Contact Number

Daewoo Khanewal Address: Daewoo Express Khanewal, Lahore Morr, Khanewal-Kabirwala Road

Daewoo Khanewal Contact Number: 065-2556630

Daewoo Murree Contact Number

Daewoo Murree Address: Shop No. 14, 21, 22 Cart Road, Cantonment Plaza, Frida Market, Cantt Murree

Daewoo Murree Contact Number: 051-3412185

Daewoo Shah Maqsood Contact Number

Address: Daewoo Express Shah Maqsood, near Shah Maqsood Interchange Hazara Motorway, District Haripur

Daewoo Moro Contact Number

Daewoo Moro Address: Byco Falak Filling Station, Bypass Road, NHA Moro

Daewoo Moro Contact Number: 0242-413085-7

Daewoo Khanpur Contact Number

Daewoo Khanpur Address: Attock Petroleum, Quaid-e-Millat Road, By Pass, Khanpur

Daewoo Khanpur Contact Number: 068-5955004-5

Daewoo Bhakkar Contact Number

Daewoo Bhakkar Address: Opposite General Bus stand Jhang Road, Chak No.34/B TDA, Tehsil & District Bhakkar

Daewoo Bhakkar Contact Number: 0453-515574

Daewoo Batkhela Contact Number

Daewoo Batkhela Address: Shahibzada Market, Near Main Haji Baba Chowk, GT Road

Daewoo Batkhela Contact Number: 0932-415923-4

Daewoo Muzaffargarh Contact Number

Daewoo Muzaffargarh Address: Dera Ghazi Khan Road, Thal Jute Mills Muzaffargarh

Daewoo Muzaffargarh Contact Number: 066-2424142

Daewoo Ahmedpur Contact Number

Daewoo Ahmedpur Address: Food Club, Ahmedpur Petroleum Station, Near Toll Plaza. Ahmedpur East

Daewoo Ahmedpur Contact Number: 0336-4333498

Daewoo Kashmore Contact Number

Daewoo Kashmore Address: Indus Petroleum, Dera Mor, Main Indus Highway, Kashmore

Daewoo Kashmore Contact Number: 0722-577127-9

Daewoo Bhalwal Contact Number

Daewoo Bhalwal Address: Near General Bus Stand, Chak No. 8, North, Bhalwal City Road, Tehsil Bhalwal, District Sargodha

Daewoo Bhalwal Contact Number: 048-6644772

Daewoo Rajanpur Contact Number

Daewoo Rajanpur Address: Admore Petrol Pump, near Railway crossing, Main Indus Highway, Rajanpur

Daewoo Rajanpur Contact Number: 0604-334240-1

Daewoo Kohat Contact Number

Daewoo Kohat Address: Rawalpindi road, near Highway, opposite Engineering University, Kohat

Daewoo Kohat Contact Number: 0333-9622270

Daewoo Talagang Contact Number

Daewoo Talagang Address: Near Bus Stand ward No. 4, Talagang

Daewoo Talagang Contact Number: 054-3411649

Daewoo Taunsa Sharif Contact Number

Daewoo Taunsa Sharif Address: Green Land Hotal & Restaurant, Indus Highway, Taunsa Sharif

Daewoo Taunsa Sharif Contact Number: 064-2601008

Daewoo Jampur Contact Number

Daewoo Jampur Address: Al-Sudais Petroleum, Dera Road, Jampur

Daewoo Jampur Contact Number: 0604-567209

Daewoo Barikot Contact Number

Daewoo Barikot Address: Opposite Government Higher Secondary School, G.T. Road Barikot

Daewoo Barikot Contact Number: 0946-751040

Daewoo Express Bus Timings

Daewoo Express has multiple departure times for a single route. The diversified timing of Daewoo Express covered the whole day for Major cities. For example, if you just wanted to go from Lahore to Karachi, you have diversified options to leave at any time.

The first departure time of the Lahore to Karachi bus is 10:00 A.M while the last departure time for the same Lahore and Karachi routes is 11:30 PM. So the passenger can choose any other suitable time for his journey.

Here is the list of some famous routes of Daewoo Express:

Route First Departure Last Departure
Lahore to Rawalpindi 05:00 AM 02:30 AM
Peshawar to Multan 09:00 AM 09:00 AM
Lahore to Karachi 10:00 AM 11:30 PM
Hyderabad to Karachi 11:30 AM 09:00 AM
Lahore to Faisalabad 05:00 AM 11:00 PM
Lahore to Peshawar 07:00 AM 02:00 AM
Karachi to Rawalpindi 10:00 AM 11:30 PM
Karachi to Multan 11:00 AM 08:00 PM
Rawalpindi to Hyderabad 12:15 PM 11:00 PM

Daewoo Express Ticket Price List

Daewoo Express present different ticket prices for the same route depending upon the bus type from luxury to economic class.
For example, the ticket price of Daewoo Express from Lahore to Multan is 1670 for economy class while it is 1830 for the luxury class. The ticket price for the same route for the gold class is 2170. Remember that these are all the booing of Daewoo Express Thokar Niaz Baig terminal:

Here is the list of ticket prices for some popular Routes of Daewoo Express:

Route Luxury Class Gold Class


Remember that the time schedule mentioned in this article may not be 100% accurate. The reason is that the time schedule of Daewoo Express might change from time to time. Also Ticket Prices may vary from time to time due to continuous change in Fuel Prices. But we are trying our best to provide you with the latest information on our website. 

Daewoo Express Luggage Policy

Daewoo Express provides every possible facility to passengers for carrying their personal luggage during travel. There are specific rules and regulations regarding carrying luggage:

  • Passengers are only allowed to carry luggage up to 30 kg for free with a single ticket. The extra luggage tariff will be charged for excess luggage other than 30 kg.
  • The passenger is also not allowed to carry any luggage on board which can cause injuries.
  • Attachment of tags is super necessary with the luggage to ensure the safety and security of the luggage.
  • The luggage of passengers is handled by the trained loaders of Devo service so that nothing should be damaged. If anything happened to the luggage of passengers or somehow the luggage is misplaced then it is the policy of Daewoo Express to compensate the passengers in terms of weight. But remember that compensation will not be in the term of the value of a lost product.
  • The passenger will be compensated by Rs 100/kg for the lost luggage. But it is Rs 20/kg if the lost luggage is a food item.
  • If the passenger’s luggage is lost, then the passenger must report to the terminal of Daewoo bus service before leaving the terminal.


Q: What is the phone number for the Daewoo bus?

Here is the contact number of Daewoo Express:

UAN: 111-007-008
Mobile: 0304-111-7-008

The passenger can contact these numbers 24/7 for every kind of query or reservation.

Q: How much is a Daewoo ticket?

Ticket price depends on the route and type of bus for travelling. The ticket price of the same route is different for two different types of buses. For example, the ticket price for BAHAWALPUR – HYDERABAD Route is 3600 and 5600 for Luxury and Gold class respectively. You can visit sastaticket.pk for exact information.

Q: Is there Any Daewoo app?

The official app of Daewoo Express is available on the Google play store as well as at the Apple Store. This app is workable both for Android and IOS systems.

Q: What is Daewoo Schedule and fares?

You can visit our website thetravellino for the latest information regarding fares and Schedules for the Daewoo Express.


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