Collection of Chicken Scales Every Cocker Wants to Have at Games

Collection of Chicken Scales Every Cocker Wants to Have at Games

As a veteran cockfighter, just talking about precious chicken scales will immediately know which types are both precious and rare. But if you are a young person, there are still many unknown things about this term. Therefore, this article is dedicated to talking about why precious chicken scales are so valuable? What rare chicken scales are there? Can a chicken with precious scales fight well? Which bad chicken scales should you avoid? Together Hi88 Find out details through the following article.

Why are precious chicken scales so valuable?

The reason fighting cocks own precious chicken scales It has high value because many people believe that: these are divine chickens, spirit chickens, they possess unique and decisive kicks, chicken masters want to own them for the purpose of breeding or collecting.

This could be spirit chicken or god chicken

It is believed that fighting cocks possessing rare scales will be divine chickens and spirit chickens. They may have some premonition and special talent. They also believe that being a god chicken can bring the owner a lot of money in many different ways. So many people want to own “spirit chickens, god chickens” to breed or take them to fight to make money.

Chickens will have poisonous attacks and fox attacks

In the book of statistics, it is said that fighting cocks possessing precious scales and rare scales will have poisonous attacks and fox attacks. It’s just that these attacks are not used all the time, but only at the right time and place, causing the opponent’s chickens to run away and give up or collapse on the spot. That’s why, the longer you are a cockfighter, the more you want to own a chicken with precious scales.

It is a rare type of chicken for breeding

Although rare scaly chickens do not possess a poisonous attack, many people still like to breed them with the hope of passing on good breeds to the next generation. This will also sell for a higher price than chicken without precious scales.

Chickens have collectible value

For those who raise chickens just for passion, not for business profit or select, there is nothing more wonderful than owning a rare scaly fighting cock. Sometimes the joy lies not in select on winning chickens, but in owning a chicken with unique scales in the fighting cock world.

And these are also 4 reasons why chickens with rare scales are always highly valuable and sought after by many people. Even if you have money, you may not be able to buy it. So what are the rare chicken scales that chicken masters most desire to own today?

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Rare chicken scales that every cocker wants to own

Heaven’s scales

This is a precious form of scales, available in very small quantities. There is only one long scale covering the front of the chicken, located right at the knee. Many cockmasters confirm that if a fighting cock possesses natural scales, its kick will be very strong and can defeat the opponent very quickly.

Chicken scales of the five devils

Identify this scale as follows: there are 5 long, uniformly shaped scales, arranged vertically one after another. Any chicken that owns this scale is considered rare and has extremely high value.

Three-talented chicken scales

This scale will have 3 vertically adjacent identical scales and will have different names depending on the location:

  • 3 rows of scales connected to each other at the level of the spur are called three-talented scales;
  • The 3 rows of scales that look like a crescent moon are called the three-digit moon-sa scales;
  • 6 small scales facing each other are called three-talented scales;
  • The 3 rows of scales close together on the chicken’s feet are called the Tai Fu Dia scales;
  • 3 rows of scales right near the knee, if the rarity is high, it is the three-talented-an-thien scale;

Chicken scales are unique

Chickens with unique scales on their legs will have a row of scales on the border, running from top to bottom, without interruption. Because unique chickens are also classified as precious chickens with many special talents. So the unique scales are also among the precious scales, very worth playing.

Chicken scales wrapped in rolling pin

When talking about rare and precious chicken scales, we cannot help but mention the fighting cocks that possess rolled scales. These scales are arranged in many positions and depending on each point, there will be a higher or higher level. For example, if the handle scales are near the spur, the chicken will fight very vigorously. If the scales are from above the knee down, it is even more popular. This is called a rare chicken that is hard to find.

Chicken scales are the king’s wealth

This chicken scale is relatively unique. The way to recognize it is to look closely at the chicken’s feet and you will see the scales forming small squares, similar to the way the word Vuong (Confucianism) is written. This scale will often appear on the soles of the feet. Fighting cocks possessing king’s scales have poisonous and dangerous attacks, often attacking the opponent’s weak points, causing serious injuries.

Chicken scales with three talents and legendary brooch

The scale of a three-talented chicken will have 2 large scales interspersed with 1 small scale at the spur. If this scale is horizontal to the spur, there is a high possibility that the cock will play excellently. This is the secret weapon of both spur chickens and fighting chickens, but spur chickens are more popular because they can be equipped with knife spurs or iron spurs to increase damage. And the opponent chicken doesn’t know when to lose sight.

Giap Vy Dao precious chicken scales

Recognizing the scales of the knife armor, you will notice that this is a cluster of 3 to 5 scales located very close to the spur and clustered together facing the spur. Any chicken that possesses this scale is also a chicken general, famous for its fighting and extremely beautiful attacks.

Rare chicken scales Truong Thanh

This precious scale belongs to the scales of foreign goods, so it is unusually large, encroaching on domestic goods. Chickens possess rare Truong Thanh scales, specializing in dangerous and powerful attacks.

Scales cover the ground

This scale stretches horizontally on the front of the chicken’s leg, extending from the sarcophagus to the internal line. This scale usually appears on the instep between the spur and the toes. If normal chickens have 2 to 3 scales in this position, covered chickens only have 1 scale. Please see the pictures for more clarity:

Chicken scales of financial talent

This scale runs straight from the stem up to touch the two borders of the internal spur. Chickens possessing purple scales are considered to be god-like chickens. The longer they play, the more poisonous attacks they will unleash.

Rare chicken scales encrusted with flutes

Flute scales are also a rare type of scale, they are a collection of many small chicken scales arranged vertically from top to bottom from the knee position. Fighting cocks possessing rare scales often fight with emphasis on blows and force. Even though there aren’t too many poison or fox attacks, you can still quickly defeat the opponent with the force of the attack.

Scales inside the flower lantern

Chickens with this scale will usually have a straight row of scales on their legs reaching up to the spur. Any chicken that has internal scales on both legs is classified as a divine chicken, has comprehensive attack and defense, and is very rare.

The scales are covered with knives

Song Phu Dao scales have a similar identification method as Vi Dao armor scales but only have 2 scales facing the spur. This scaly chicken usually only makes quick attacks, mainly using spurs. If an opponent’s chicken collides with this fighting cock, it will not die but will be seriously injured.

Rare chicken scales attack Giap and That Dao Thien

The scales are similar to rolling a handle, the starting position is from the scales 4 rows away from the knee. If a chicken has 7 rows of scales covering its handle from the spur to the knee, it is called That Dao Thien scale. The scaly fighting cocks of Kich Giap and That Dao Thien are of the chicken-killing type, making precise, fast and powerful blows. The opponent’s chicken often dies on the spot, without a chance to counterattack.

Precious scales, toxic armor – joint armor – great armor

Identify these types of scales as follows:

  • Thyrotoxic scales: The size of the scales is 3 times larger than normal chicken scales;
  • Interthyroid scales: Made up of many monothyroid and macrothyroid scales consecutively vertically;
  • Scales: There are 2 – 3 small scales attached to each other. If you see a tiny scale within the scale, the rarity level becomes higher and higher;

Rare chicken scales Giap Thoi Phong Dao

This chicken’s scales have rows of evenly spaced scales, are curved and hug the spur. The cock having the Gia Thoi Phong Dao scale on one leg is already outstanding. If any cockfighter owns a chicken with these precious scales on both legs, every time he goes into battle, he will win and win quickly.

Rare chicken scales Ham Long

This is an extremely rare type of scale. To identify this scale, please see the picture below. Chickens that possess these scales are rare and hard to find.Rare chicken scales Literature and martial arts are parallel

Chickens with these scales on their legs will have 3 rows of scales on the front. They will often have many dangerous attacks, forcing the opponent to only take the blows, and chickens with martial arts scales will be victorious all the time.

Rare chicken scales from Yem Nguyet

Any chicken with a large scale on the inside, large on the outside and gradually getting smaller towards the pole means it has the precious scale Yem Nguyet. This chicken is classified as a noble chicken, often having the way of fighting, fighting with a disc or biting the feathers and then fighting.

Rare chicken scales Tieu Son

Chickens that possess the rare Tieu Son scales often have very small, red scales appearing between the domestic and foreign rows. This chicken belongs to the malignant type. Whether it’s kicking or stabbing, it’s all very fierce and unrivaled.

Rare chicken scales Gac Thap

These scales are also called ten spurs, usually in groups of 4 scales standing next to each other, creating square grooves, shaped like a plus sign, lying horizontally with the spurs. Chickens with these scales often fight and fight horizontally, making it difficult for their opponent’s chickens to manage.

Rare chicken scales in Nhat Thoi

This scale is large in size and has a rectangular shape, the distance between the two scales is from the nail. Any chicken that possesses this scale belongs to the class of chickens, has a lightning fighting style, and continuous attacks.

Rare chicken scales in Loc Dien Noi

How to identify Loc Dien Noi scales on chicken feet is difficult to say in words, please see the picture to remember. Chickens possessing this precious scale are listed in the group of talented chickens, they win every time they fight.

Rare and precious chicken scales

Chickens with 2 normal scales that are fused together, located right at the position of the spur, have valuable scales. This chicken is considered a good fighter and can be raised for select.

Are chickens with precious chicken scales good fighters?

There are many chicken scales that are considered rare. But chickens that possess those precious scales can only be called spirit chickens or god chickens. Not every chicken with precious scales has its own dangerous moves and fox attacks. And they can’t always use these attacks.

Meanwhile, many cockmasters also shared that there are cocks that keep winning in many matches, not all of them have the characteristics of the precious scales mentioned above. So if you need experience to place bets, you should base your bets on each animal’s attacks and fighting style through matches and the owner’s care.

All in all, not all chickens with precious scales are good fighters. Healthy chickens that are fed a scientific diet and exercised every day will have a high winning rate. You can choose the fighting chicken door based on this, and any chicken with precious scales is only considered a secondary factor when you choose the door.

Some bad chicken scales should not be played

Scales on lower handle

The shape of this scale is a very long and large scale located right between the sole and spur of the chicken. Chickens with scales on their lower handles often have poor character and find it difficult to develop their strength. This is the reason why chickens can beat and breathe but still can’t get the core attack. So these chickens are only raised for meat or as serving chickens.

Chrysanthemum scales

If there are 2 tiny scales lined up next to each other, straight with the position of the chicken spurs, this is a duplex scale. This scaly chicken cannot exert the greatest power of its spurs, or even restrain the force of blows. But this chicken can still be raised and tested before giving up.

Oral pressure scales

These are rows of scales that create a line from the knee down to the middle toe of the chicken’s leg. But this line does not continue with the middle toe of the foot but turns to the outer or inner toe. Cockfighters believe that chickens with scaly scales do not have solid kicks, and the possibility of winning is very difficult.

Scales open later

This scale is located just below the knee. Chickens with a back-opening scale system are often not highly appreciated. The cockmasters said that this cock was not a good fighter, had no core attacks, and remained silent during the fight, making the owner angry.

Shredded chicken scales

The chicken scale is a very small scale located just below the spur. If you are new to playing chicken and do not look closely, it is easy to mistake this scale for the black brooch scale. Cockfighters who have raised fighting chickens for many years confirm that chickens with small scales often have a very low winning rate. They should only be kept for fun, not for breeding. They can easily lose money.


So you know the reason why rare chicken scales often have high value, which rare chicken scales many people wish to have and which bad chicken scales should not be played with. Accordingly, chickens with rare scales are not something you can buy if you want them. Many times, even if you have money, you cannot buy it because the supply is not there.

Besides, cockmasters do not confirm with 100% certainty that chickens possessing precious scales will win every battle. Because it depends on the farmer and not all chickens with precious scales can use those inherent strengths.

Therefore, if you choose to breed a chicken, you must give it enough exercise and a reasonable diet to have a high winning rate. In addition, you should also avoid raising chickens with bad scales as mentioned in the article. The reason is explained above.

Hopefully with the Providing precious chicken scales and synthesizing rare and hard-to-find chicken scales above will help you make the best choice when looking to buy custom chickens. Wishing you all successful cockfights!

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