4 Women Led Filipino Businesses

4 Women-Led Filipino Businesses

In the Philippines, business has always been a driving force. The numbers certainly don’t lie, for one. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recorded that more than 99.5 out of more than 1,080,000 businesses in the country are micro, small, and medium enterprises. Some of them? Women run them.

We can glean from this data that local businesses are more than well and women own or run these businesses. Even if International Women’s Day might be over by a month, it won’t hurt! Get inspired by the stories of these Filipino women business owners!

Kuh Meal

We know that starting business in the Philippines can be tricky but the founder of Kuh Meal has made past that point. Camille Anne Cruz founded Kuh Meal. This cooking business specializes in home-style cooking and provides Filipinos with delicious food that will take you back to the times you were eating in your mom’s kitchen. Satisfying, savory dishes and sweet treats make up the menu of Kuh Meal. The Leche Flan Brioche Doughnuts are among the favorites, with its soft and flaky brioche, against the smooth center filled with caramel. Yes, please! Don’t forget the cheesy garlic brioche buns. They’re delectable and making us crave and want to eat a dozen in a sitting!

If you’re ever craving home or damn good Filipino food, Kuh Meal’s online store remains open. Fill your belly with love, comfort and a lot more. No regrets, guaranteed!

Belo Medical

If there’s anyone on the speed dial of every A-lister, say no more – it’s Doctor Vicky Belo! There’s a good reason she’s on the speed dial when it comes to beauty. From her cramped 44 sqm office in Makati to a beauty empire with 13 glorious branches nationwide, a line of facial centers, and a skincare brand available in every supermarket and drugstore, Belo Medical has become a powerhouse. It is no secret that Doctor Vicky Belo is on top of her game.

She is known as the celebrity dermatologist who turned BeloMed into the first and only ambulatory cosmetic surgery centre. The surgicenter has since received accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Make it yourself! Such is the origin story of the Filipino brand Colourette. Nina Ellaine Dizon juggles Colourette, Fresh Formula, being a full-time parent, and making it look easy! She is the founder and CEO of Colourette Cosmetics and is known for being the girlboss we want to be when we grow up.

Dizon is explicitly pro-Filipino with 95% of her brand’s products spruced and produced in the Philippines. Meanwhile, 100% of her products are created with Filipinas in mind. The successful Colourette First Base Skin Tint is one great example of that, with its wide and inclusive shade range made for Filipina skin. It helps that the formula is also built to last and photo-friendly.

The strategy of her business is authenticity. Colourette is down-to-earth and as pro-Filipino with their its price points, colors, and products.


Zipmatch is the brainchild of Chow Paredes. She belongs to a family of lawyers. However, she is not one herself. Instead, her passion lies with selling, which has helped her land a job in real estate. Paredes took the plunge to become a licensed real estate seller.

Chow Paredes belongs to a family of lawyers but isn’t one herself. She’s a licensed real estate broker. Her passion for selling helped her land a job in real estate. In 2013, Zipmatch was founded and grew to become a leading real estate portal.

Wrapping Up

We have rounded up just a few women-led Filipino businesses. We hope that these founders become a significant inspiration. If business is for you, go for it!

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